RENAULT Fluence (2009 - 2012) Manual

Torque184 lb-ft @ 1750-4500 RPM
Power118 KW @ 5700 RPM
Tire Size820 X 120
Unladen Weight3459.1 lbs
Height92.5 in
Displacement3052 cm3
Top Speed123.6 mph
Wheelbase84.3 in
Gross Weight Limit5357.2 lbs
RearBrembou00ae 365x28mm single piece rotors w/ 4-piston calipers
Front/rear Track60.2/59.4 in
  The extended range electric vehicle has also had its all-electric range of 51.6 mils (83 km) validated. As for the Sport mode driving, this brings a combined fuel economy of 31 UK mpg (9.2 liters per 100 km or 25.8 US mpg).
FrontBrembou00ae 370x34mm 2-piece rotors w/ 6-piston calipers
Length220.9 in
Gearboxno transmission needed
CO2 Emissions94 g/km
Ground Clearance9.3 in
Cargo Volume28.6 cuFT
Width86.3 in
Combined23.2 mpg US
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