NISSAN 370z Nismo 3.7 6MT (350 HP) Workshop Manual

Wheelbase100.39 in
Power35 KW @ 4500 RPM
Gross Weight Limit6437 lbs
Torque97.6 lb-ft @ 3800 RPM
Top Speed11 mph
CO2 Emissions82 g/km
Cargo Volume24.6 cuFT
Tire Size185/55 HR14
Length183.85 in
Unladen Weight1699.8 lbs
Front/rear Track57.2/57.2 in
Displacement1380 cm3
City28.69 mpg US
Gearbox6 speed automatic (DSG)
  Total System Power: 279 kW/380 hp (short term)
Width63.77 in
Height51.57 in
Fuel SystemCommon-Rail-Injection-System with 2,000 bar (29,000 psi) maximum pressure and Piezo-Injectors with 8-hole-nozzles
Highway90.5 mpg US
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