FORD Probe (1994 - 1998) Engine Manual

Torque575 Nm @ 6400 RPM
CO2 Emissions316 g/km
Power402 BHP @ 6000 RPM
Front/rear Track62.5/62.4 in
City98 mpg US
Unladen Weight3210.5 lbs
Length167 in
Width77.3 in
Frontpower-assisted disc with ABS with six-piston; cross-drilled rotors;
Displacement4640 cm3
Top Speed170.3 mph
Wheelbase153 in
Tire Size8.25-14
Ground Clearance3.7 in
Height73.8 in
Gross Weight Limit3966 lbs
Rearpower-assisted disc with ABS with four-piston; cross-drilled rotors
  Lithium-ion battery: 115V, 0.5-kWh, 15 kW peak power
Cargo Volume22.2 cuFT
GearboxAutomatic 4 speed / Manual, 5 speed
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