DATSUN GO (2013 - 2016) Manual Transmission

Front/rear Track58.1/56.4 in
Torque199 lb-ft @ 2500-4250 RPM
Power239 KW @ 7400 RPM
Unladen Weight2183 lbs
CO2 Emissions268 g/km
Tire Size215/40 R18 85 Y || 245/35 R18 85 Y
Displacement2302 cm3
Width71.8 in
Fuel SystemHigh-rewing concept with single butterflies, dual-Vanos, oil supply optimised for driving dynamics, ion flow anti-knock control
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph)189 s
Combined14.4 mpg US
Length165.7 in
Cargo Volume13.06 cuFT
Gross Weight Limit3163.6 lbs
Highway18.7 mpg US
Rearvented and cross-drilled
Frontvented and cross-drilled
Wheelbase107.4 in
Height44.8 in
Gearbox7-speed automatic (M DKG Drivelogic)
Ground Clearance4.76 in
Top Speed163 mph
City8.7 mpg US
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