BMW 5 Series (E12) 530i 3AT (178 HP) Haynes Repair Manual

Tire Size205-215/50-60R16-17
Torque332 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Unladen Weight3960.2 lbs
Displacement3778 cm3
Power142 KW @ 5200 RPM
Height67.9 in
Gross Weight Limit4600 lbs
Wheelbase121.2 in
Ground Clearance4.37 in
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph)15.8 s
Cargo Volume167 cuFT
Fuel SystemSequential, multi-port, electronic, returnless
Rearvented and slotted discs
Frontvented and slotted discs
Length160.2 in
Front/rear Track58.2/58.3 in
Gearbox8 speed automatic ZF
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